Community Garden

Digby & Area Community Gardens

91 Church Street, Digby

Digby And Area Community Gardens… A PLACE TO GROW…Inclusive of many different growing interest ranging from food security, relaxation therapy, learning tool for the young, social interaction, exercise and mental well being. All equal, all with a view towards sustainability and environmental awareness.

Digby & Area Community Garden Society Guidelines

1. Gardeners will pay an annual plot rental fee to rent a garden plot within the Digby & Area Community Gardens, which is to be paid before planting begins. The 2024 rental fee is $20.00 per plot.

2. The period of the plot rental shall be annual, April 1 – March 31.

3. Plots will be assigned on a first-come/first-serve basis. Gardeners wishing to reserve their same plot for the next year shall register for that plot by January 1st.

4. “Accessible plots” are reserved for those with mobility challenges, special needs, or seniors. These plots will be granted on an annual basis and should be re-applied for each year.

5. Pesticide use is not permitted, and only organic fertilizers and pest prevention are to be used.

6. Gardeners are responsible for their own plots, ensuring plot is neat and tidy and for all maintenance and weeding.

7. If a gardener’s garden bed is unplanted, they will be given an opportunity to plant. If they do not comply, their bed may be reassigned, and their annual fee forfeited.

8. Illegal, invasive, and/or aggressive plants are strictly prohibited.

9. Smoking on the community garden property is prohibited.

10. All pets must be on a leash and are not permitted to roam freely in the gardens. Owners must pick up after their pets and bring the waste away with them.

11. Help keep the rain collection containers clean. Conserve water. Please notify Digby Area Recreation if the barrels are empty.

12. Please return all tools to the shed when you are done and lock the shed.

13. If you have personal garden tools, and choose to store them in the shed please label them.

14. Keep the whole area clean by using the recycle and trash bins.

15. Please be respectful of other gardeners.

16. Ensure weeds and vegetable refuse are placed in the compost bin.

17. Vegetation must be contained to your plot(s).

18. If you are the last person to leave the garden, please ensure the shed and gate are closed.